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Bird Safari Camp - The Gambia
Bird Safari Camp - The Gambia Bird Safari Camp is a tropical paradise lodge set on the meandering river banks of MacCarthy Island in The Gambia.

Deep in the African bush, this idyllic location provides a perfect base for the discerning traveller who is seeking a genuine experience, away from the crowded beach resorts.

*** Unfortunately Bird Safari Camp is currently CLOSED ***
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Here are some photos of the lodge which taken before 10th July 2012 when it was taken over by Alhagie Bithaye of Bansang (who should own 3% of the shares in the company, not 100% as he would like people to believe).
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After Bithaye's takeover of the camp (these photos were taken on 13th March 2015):

We have reason to believe that Bithaye has been telling people that he has won the court case which we brought against him. More worryingly, we understand that he has recently been using the funds of "a Gambian investor" to build some new cement brick huts at the lodge.

If you are that person, or know who he is, please be aware that the court case against Bithaye is ongoing and we have every reason to believe that Bithaye will lose the case. We strongly advise you to contact Mark Thompson on +220 3304400 who will be happy to advise you further.

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